Best Hunting Boots for the Money- 2018's Ultimate Buyers Guide

Hunting is a game of stability and precision. From your clothes to your equipment, everything should be perfect in order to perform your best in the field. In this post, I have reviewed the best hunting boots that will enrich your hunting experience by giving you a comfortable movement across all types of terrains.

For hunting, it is suggested that you should be prepared for every situation. Thus, the foremost thing is to have a good boot in your leg which is comfortable and which would help you to pass through the most rugged terrain. Also, the boots should be weather proof so that it helps you to survive during warm, rainy and cold weather.

Keeping in mind the needs of a professional hunter and trekker, all the boots which I have reviewed in this post are a great fit for an aggressive hunting session. Let’s look at the best picks for hunting boots.

Best Hunting Boots For The Money- 2017’s Best Guide

Now that you have seen the whole list, I would recommend you to read till the end. It is very important for you to pick a great hunting boot for yourself and I promise to help you as much as possible.

If however, you don’t have time to read the whole post and you directly want to choose the best hunting boot which has already got great reviews from people and are currently selling hot in the market, I would highly recommend that you read the conclusion section.

Best Hunting Boots- 2018’s Best Buyers Guide

Hunting and archery are two sports that need a lot of passion and focus. You simply need to be prepared with the right type of equipment. Be it the compound bows or tactical flashlights, you should always check your equipment twice before hitting the main ground.

Now let’s begin and help you to choose the right pair of boots for your next hunting/archery session.

1. Irish Setter Men’s 2870– Best Elk Hunting Boots

Starting the list with one of the favorite hunting boot of the professionals, the Irish Setter VaprTrek boots are a great buy for the money.

The main feature of the boot is the RPM technology using which it is being developed. This technology uses what is known to be a breakthrough composite material sole. This significantly reduces the weight of this hunting boot by upto 40% as compared to any other traditional hunting boot.

To support long hunting sessions, the Irish Setter uses an exclusive ScentBan which is added to the leather material that kills the bacterias that cause bad odor.

Adding to this, the VaprTrek is known for its athletic maneuverability that heightens both balance and traction. The brand has been in the game fo manufacturing hunting boots for sixty years. This makes the Irish Setter a highly recommended option for a great hunting session. Professionals prefer it for elk hunting due to its flexibility and great movability.

The boot supports a thick rubber sole which is testified to last for many hunting sessions without any wear and tear. It is certainly a great boot that supports both comfort and flexible movement while you are on a live hunting trek.

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2. MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer– Best Hunting Boots For The Money

Adding another waterproof hunting boot to the list, the MuckBoots Adult FieldBlazer are the perfect boots for extreme wetlands condition. Not only this, it is a highly affordable hunting boot for the money which costs less than $200. 

The boot is made of a Vulcanized rubber shell which is highly durable and abrasion-resistant. The main feature of the boot is their ability to allow a proper air circulation which helps your feet to breathe. This is due to the breathable Airmesh linings that have lined up the boots to promote a significant airflow. This enables a very comfortable trek in wet moist terrains.

Talking about the built material, the boot is made up of slip-resistant rubber outsoles. This is a very important feature of a good hunting boot. This will save you from slippery conditions, especially when you are covering a wet terrain or during a rainy hunting season.

The company claims that the boots will keep your feet warm and dry during all unpredictable climates (even in an icy -20 Degrees Fahrenheit). That means you are fully protected for all seasons and temperature.

You can use these unisex boots for a great hunting experience. The Fieldblazer are truly a great buying option if you are looking for a highly affordable hunting boots.

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3. Irish Setter Men’s 860 Elk Tracker- Best Insulated Hunting Boots

I have already discussed the Irish Setter’s 2870 model. Now it’s time to review the 860 Elk Tracker Waterproof hunting boot.

As I have already pointed that the Irish Setter is one of the most established hunting boots brand you can ever come across. The brand has been making remarkable quality boots from more than sixty years now.

The 860 Elk Tracker is also a great and one of the most promising additions to this list. I won’t be wrong to say that these are one the most rugged, durable hunting boots discussed in this list.

Now some of you running on fixed budgets may feel the boot to be expensive but frankly speaking, it’s not.

The boots are known for its 1000g 3M Thinsulate Ultra insulation making it the best-insulated hunting boot for the money. I have personally used these boots for many hunting sessions.

I like boots which are comfortable, strong and which offer a great mobility. The Irish Setter Elk Tracker are my favorite pair of boots without any doubt.

Adding to the features, the boots come along with waterproof GORE-TEX lining and thus it guarantees you bone-dry feet even in the harshest climatic conditions. Also, the ScentBan technology kills all the bacterias which generate bad odor.

The Elk Tracker supports a comfortable cork EVA with memory foam cushions to support your feet and help you stay comfortable even after long hunting and archery sessions. The Bulls-Eye air bob aggressive tread outsole along with multi-directional traction lugs makes these boots avoid all possible slippery conditions.

You will certainly feel fresh and less tired once you start using these pair of boots. At least, this is what I felt when I changed to these boots. It feels flexible and stable when you are on the ground. Also, the built is so durable that it is guaranteed to stay for unimaginable hunting sessions.

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4. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX– Best Hunting Boot for 2018

So now that you have already seen some great hunting boots, it’s time to review the best hunting boot of the list. The Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX is a boot which isn’t fancy but it will blow your mind with its features.

Probably the best hunting boot ever made, the Lowa Renegade GTX is a top selling hunting boot which comes with all the essential elements that you would probably need in your hunting boot.

The boot is ideal for trekking, short-haul weekend trips and traveling any rugged terrain. The Gore-Tex lining prevents hot spots so that your feets stay normal in both hot as well as cold climate. The perforations in the lining of the boot help your feet to breathe and stay dry even during a wet and moist day.

The boot is handcrafted in Europe and has stayed in the industry for more than ninety years. The boots are acclaimed to be the best by top climbers, mountaineers, and hunters.

Though, it would be one of the expensive buys but, if you are looking for a pair of boots that perform the best without any negotiation, Lowa hunting boots are a must buy without any second thought.

The boot features a leather upper, lightweight midsole along with Vibram outsole. The nubuck leather keeps the foot in place which further helps in reducing the strain during any downhill sections. The boots provide you with extra cushioning and lateral stability to perform the best in every situation.  The top section keeps your ankle stable and stiff so that you don’t feel a sudden twist or sprain while covering large steps on mountains or in a damped forest.

The GTX will prevent you from slipping so that you can hit your target with preciseness and accuracy. It is definitely a must buy for an avid hunter, trekker, mountaineer and outdoor enthusiast.

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5. Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme

The Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 is a hunting boot made in Italy. The boot is meant for a highly rugged and rough terrain.

The Kenetrek Extreme 400 is an insulated boot which is guaranteed to save you from moist and wet weather and will help you to keep your feet dry and warm. To make this boot, 2.8 mm of one piece vamp is used along with top grain leather on top of stiff nylon midsoles along with high traction K-Talon outsoles.

Now, from the above information, you may feel that the boot must be heavy but it is not. The boot, in fact, weighs only 4.2 lbs and is good for the uphill movement. The toe guard helps you to meet your outdoor style along with offering a full protection to your feet.

While I have been praising the boot till now, it has some points which can be improved. As a hunter myself, I prefer boots covering my ankle and having a height between 6 inches to 8 inches. However, the Kenetrek Extreme 400 has a height of 10 inches. Well, it is my personal opinion but I do prefer my hunting boots to have an ankle size and not more. The reason for this is that boots having height more than the ankle resist you in moving fast and the mobility is somewhat restricted.

The Kenetrek hunting boots are a great option to own a reliable boot and you can definitely consider buying it for a safe hunting session.

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6. Bogs Men’s Bowman– Affordable Waterproof Hunting Boot

Moving to the affordable segment we have the Bogs Men’s Bowman waterproof hunting boot for the money. This boot is highly affordable and costs less than $250.

Being an affordable option, still, it looks good and comes in three different patterns- Mossy Oak, Real Tree, and Green. The shaft measuring 14.5 inches from the arch, this boot has definitely got height. Although, the boot may look like a rain boot but it is equally good for hunting.

The boot is lined with 6mm of Neo-Tech plus Airmesh which helps in rotating the air inside out to keep your feet dry. The boot, on the other hand, is extremely lightweight and weighs around 2.6 lbs per boot. Also, it is really easy to get off these boots using its heel kick feature.

Seeing the above features, don’t think that the manufacturer must have done cost cutting in the material section. The Bowman is a highly durable boot which will sustain rocky terrains during hunting and trekking. The boots support an aggressive tread which will help you to put your foot on the ground with confidence as it prevents you from slipping.

Rest assured, it is a great buy if you are looking for an affordable hunting boot.

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7. Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 

The Rocky Men’s Bearclaw is one boot you will love to wear even at your workplace. You may be surprised by the statement but that is what many of the customers have testified.

The Rocky 9 BearClaw 3D boots are a great looking hunting boots that are so good looking that you may wear them for your day to day activities too. Although the boots may look like a pair of sneakers but they are highly durable and rugged.

The boots are made up of top-quality full-grain leather and are going to last for many hunting sessions. These boots are made up of Goodyear welt construction along with storm welt for durability. The Gore-Tex fabric will help you to keep your feet warm even in the coldest environment.

The boots use 200 grams of Thinsulate which helps you to keep your feet warm and dry. The Rocky’s PU Cushioned Air-Port footbed is perforated and prevents the feet from wet and moist conditions.

The Rocky’s Bearclaw 3D outsole has a multi-directional, self-cleaning lug design that will give you traction while you are walking.

The Rocky Men’s Bearclaw is a great outdoor hunting boot which can be used for multiple purposes like trekking, mountaineering. hiking and other outdoor activities. The boots have a great performance and the Gore-Tex, Polartec, and Thinsulate will help in keeping your feet clean, dry and insulated.

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8. Under Armour Men’s UA Brow Tine

The Under Armour Men’s UA Brow Tine is another stylish boot in this list after the Rocky Men’s Bearclaw.

These boots too can be put for multi-purpose usage as you can wear them for trekking, hunting, mountaineering and other outdoor activities.

This boot uses Gore-Tex along with UA scent control which will help you to keep your feets warm and dry and also prevent bacterias that generate bad odor. The boot is waterproof and thus, it can handle extreme climatic conditions very easily.

The boot is full grain leather combined with adjustable speed lacing system that will prevent you in the case of a rugged terrain. The 800g Primaloft insulation helps the boot to remain lightweight and waterproof.

The speed lacing technology will help you for a custom fit. The memory foam will allow you to have a custom fit in a short period.

The treads used in the boots are of great quality and shape which helps in preventing slippery wet road conditions.

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9. Danner Men’s Pronghorn

The Danner Men’s is a remarkable shoe. I know that now you would be getting confused as I have praised nearly every other boot that I have discussed. The reason for this is that all the boots that I have covered in this post have got great reviews from the users who have used it.

This is the major reason why I have covered just ten hunting boots in my review. I could have added some more boots into this list but I didn’t as I feel it would be a waste of time for you to go through the crappy stuff.

Moving further in the list, the Men’s Pronghorn is one of the best rubber hunting boots for a cold weather. It is perfectly carved out rubber in a very fine way. The best part about this boot, it fits the best according to the size that you will order.

The sole of the boot is rugged and feels a little heavy but, I don’t think you can get a powerful and strong boot without adding a pound or so. Rest assured, it is comfortable to wear and performs really well in all seasons.

It has also got the GORE-Tex lining to make your feet more breathable and dry. The boots will stay in shape for many years until you typically burn them in a fire. Also, they are waterproof so you can feel relaxed if you are caught in a bad rainy weather, you won’t slip.

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10. LaCrosse Men’s Grange

Moving to the last hunting boot of this great review post, we have the highly affordable hunting boot, LaCrosse Men’s Grange.

These hunting boots are great value for money and one of the best selling options if you are looking for a cheap hunting boot.

LaCrosse is not a new brand which needs an introduction. The brand is well established and presents you with a great durable option for protecting your feets from a muck or sharp pebbles and rocks. However, it is really a beginner level boot, you can buy it if hunting or trekking are just your once in a blue moon kind of hobby.

The boots will help you to manage rocky terrains quite easily and will also protect nearly half of your leg from any outside dirt exposure.

The boot has rubber uppers, plain toe and rubber outsole grips wet. You can purchase the boot in two colors, OD Green or Olive Drab.

The Grange is a decent value for money boot if you are looking for a cheap hunting boot in the market.

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Now that I have covered the best options for hunting boots in 2018, it is time to learn how to choose a perfect pair of boots for yourself.

How to choose a Perfect Hunting Boot?

Now that you have been through the reviews of some of the best hunting boots in the market, it is time to choose the perfect pair for yourself.

Now let’s dive in and see how to choose a perfect pair of hunting boots for yourself.

There are some features and points which you should consider while choosing a pair of hunting boot for yourself.

  • Height
  • Durability
  • Insulation
  • Functionality

What should be the height of a perfect boot?

The height of the boot is one of the most important features. If you are looking for a great agility and mobility during your hunting session, you should always prefer a boot that has a height till your ankle.

I majorly prefer boots that have an ankle height as I need my feet to move comfortably with great mobility while I am hunting.

On the other hand, if you are hunting in a very extreme climate or in an area where there is foot loads of muck and long bushes, you should definitely go for the boots which have a good height(more than your ankle). This will cover and protect your leg from thorn scratches or insect bites.

How durable should be your boot?

All the boots that I have covered above have got great durability whether they are expensive or highly affordable.

However, if you go hunting once in a blue moon like once in a month or so, you can choose any normal and affordable boot. You don’t need to spend much money going after the most expensive one(unless your hobby becomes your passion :)).

If you regularly go for expeditions and hunting sessions, you definitely want to buy the best boot which of course would cost you some money.

I mainly prefer to go for a multi-purpose boot like the Lowa Men’s or the Rocky Mens which can be worn outside comfortably for day-to-day purpose apart from hunting.

Should you buy an insulated boot?

In short, if you are hunting in an extreme climatic condition where it is too hot or too cold, you should definitely go for an insulated boot.

If however, you go for an expedition during normal or moderately high or low temperatures, you can choose an uninsulated hunting boot.

The insulated boot protects your feet from both water and cold climate to keep them warm and dry.

How to choose the best pair of hunting boots depending on its functionality?

Here, decide for which purpose do you need the boots. It depends from person to person.

  • Upland Boots– These are normal hiking boots which you need for trekking and going uphill. In this case, you should choose a boot which has less weight as carrying more weight on your feet will stress your feet while moving uphill.
  • High Country Boots– These are boots that you need for aggressive hunting sessions. These boots should be highly durable and moderately weighted for active movements.
  • Rain Boots– These are boots that you need to be waterproof to protect your feet from moisture and which would prevent you from slipping on a wet path.

That’s all you need to choose a perfect pair of boot for yourself.

Still, if you are feeling confused or you need an expert view, let’s move on to the conclusion part where I would suggest you my best picks for the best hunting boots.

Please have a look at my picks for the best hunting boots for 2018. Just to ensure you, I have been hunting for past 10 years now and I know the ins and out of the game. You can follow my recommendations and decide the best hunting boot for yourself: