Irish Setter Vaprtrek Reviews With Pros & Cons

Finding a quality and durable boot is a tedious and somewhat confusing task. There are hundreds of boot brands which promise to give you an outstanding comfort along with durability and features like insulation, water resistance and more. However, there are only a few brands which are actually legit and Irish Setter is one of them.

In this post, you will get to see a detailed version of the Irish Setter Vaprtrek Reviews along with an unbiased version of its pros and cons.

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Reviews

Whether it is hunting, trekking or any other outdoor activity, Irish Setter manufactures boots for all the purposes. Before jumping towards discussing the features and coming to the conclusion, let’s first understand the brief history of the boots manufactured under Irish Setter.

Who makes the Irish Setter Boots?

The Irish Setter is owned by the American parent company Red Wing Shoes which is based in Red Wing, Minnesota. The company has been manufacturing boots from past sixty years.

The Red Wing Shoes was producing more than 200,000 boots per year only in 10 years of its inception. It was the primary company which manufactured boots for the American soldiers in World War I and World War II. Later on, it expanded and started producing boots for modern hunting, hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Irish Setter Vaprtrek Features

Now that you have some belief after knowing that the brand is well established from more than sixty years, let me talk about some benchmark features of Irish Setter which has helped them to stay in the boot industry for so many decades.

The Irish Setter uses the RPM technology that significantly reduces the weight of the boots by 40% as compared to any other traditional boots in the market. This is made possible by using a breakthrough sole material which was first discovered by the brand.

The RPM technology thus helps you to wear a lightweight boot keeping the agility and mobility at its priority.

Imagine wearing a boot which is too heavy. It will not only restrict your movement but, it will also stress your leg when you are moving uphill. Thus, Irish Setter Vaprtrek is an outstanding option if you are looking for a lightweight boot with great durability and comfort.

Moving further, the boots use ScentBan, an Irish Setter exclusive which is added to various materials from leather to lining of the boot to footbeds. It helps in killing the bacteria that cause odors. This enables you to wear the boots for several hours keeping your feet warm and clean.

More than that, the ScentBan is quite useful when you are hunting through wet lands where there is a high chance of getting your feet soaked. The ScenBan is a clear way of protecting your foot from germs and bacterias.

The UltraDry feature keeps your feet dry and warm and prevents them from water or moisture. This is one of the essential features when you are looking to buy a good hunting and trekking boot. Long hours of movement results in sweating of feet which may result in some form of fungal infection and skin rashes. The Irish Setter protects your feet and prevents you from getting such infections.

The boots have got a great cushioning system which offers a great support to your legs. The sole is sturdy and tough to handle sharp stones and rocky terrains. Even after wearing them for 12 long hours, you won’t feel a need to remove them once. Also, the boots are waterproof and the sole is perfectly designed to prevent you from slipping during the rainy season.

The ankle length boots prevent your leg from twisting and rolling when you are moving across the unleveled terrain. This is one of the most important features as most of the trekker and hunters are prone to getting a sprain in their leg if the boots are loose and not stiff. With the Vaprtrek, you won’t suffer such an issue provided you order the best pair according to your foot size.

Now that you have looked at the features, it’s time review the Irish Setter Boots Size chart. This size chart will help you to decide the best boot size. Let’s have a look.

Irish Setter Boots Size Chart

US Sizes Euro Sizes UK Sizes Inches CM
6 39 5.5 9.25″ 23.5
6.5 39 6 9.5″ 24.1
7 40 6.5 9.625″ 24.4
7.5 40-41 7 9.75″ 24.8
8 41 7.5 9.9375″ 25.4
8.5 41-42 8 10.125″ 25.7
9 42 8.5 10.25″ 26
9.5 42-43 9 10.4375″ 26.7
10 43 9.5 10.5625″ 27
10.5 43-44 10 10.75″ 27.3
11 44 10.5 10.9375″ 27.9
11.5 44-45 11 11.125″ 28.3
12 45 11.5 11.25″ 28.6
13 46 12.5 11.5625″ 29.4
14 47 13.5 11.875″ 30.2
15 48 14.5 12.1875″ 31
16 49 15.5 12.5″ 31.8

There are 20+ different Irish Setter Vaprtrek models to choose from. For choosing the best Irish Setter Boots, it all depends on your budget, purpose (hunting, hiking etc) and the features that you want in your boots.

For example, if you are looking for an insulated boot, you can go for the 2873 Irish Setter Vaprtrek 400g insulated model. It will keep your feet warm and dry even in the harshest climates. On the other hand, you may choose the 2870 model if you are looking for an uninsulated boot.

Basically, the Irish Setter Vaprtrek insulated model is meant for extreme cold or wet climate as it helps you to keep your foot warm and dry. On the other hand, if you are looking for a hunting session in a place like Arizona which stays dry and warm, you can go for the uninsulated boots.

Now that I have covered all the essential elements about the Irish Setter Vaprtrek, it is time to do a final review where I will discuss its pros and cons.

Irish Setter Boots Reviews -Pros and Cons

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Coming to the conclusion part, I have discussed all the essential elements of the boot. The Irish Setter Vaprtrek are great boots and there is no doubt that they will help you to perform your best whether it is hunting, trekking or any other outdoor activity.

The boots are highly durable, comfortable and tough to handle the most difficult terrains. It keeps your foot stiff, warm and dry even after 12 hours of a regular expedition. The ScentBan prevents your feet from smelling and keeping the bad odor bacterias away.

Here I am listing the best 5 Irish Setter Vaprtrek models which have got great reviews from top mountaineers, hunters, and regular expeditionary professionals. You can give them a try if you want. Rest assured, you will love them for sure.

Top 5 Irish Setter Vaprtrek Boots

Name Type Price
Irish Setter Men’s 2873 Vaprtrek 400g Insulated Check Price
Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Uninsulated Check Price
2875 Irish Setter Vaprtrek Snake Boots Uninsulated Check Price
2864 Irish Setter Vaprtrek Black Uninsulated Check Price
2863 Irish Setter Vaprtrek Uninsulated Check Price

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.

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